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J.R. and I have decided to close down High Pines Beagles, LLC as of December 31, 2016. Of course, we still have OUR dogs that we personally show and hunt, but we will not have any more puppies available and will cease doing business as High Pines Beagles, LLC.

This was a hard decision reached after many months of discussion and evaluating our situation. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has purchased a High Pines Beagle puppy. It was OUR JOY to provide you with a family members. And DO continue to keep us posted. Our email will remain the same.

History of High Pines Beagles

J.R. always said,

"Beagles kept me out of trouble when I was a kid."

. . .

"I was in the woods with my beagles and Mama always knew where to find me. "

That's actually how High Pines Beagles started -- when J. R. was a kid. After growing up, getting a job, marrying and several kids, many years went by without his beloved beagles. Then one day -- out of the clear blue -- we had an opportunity to acquire a beautiful (and very sweet) AKC female beagle we named Katy. And that was it!! The beginning of what was to become the love and focus of our lives.

We then acquired a sire and a dam (Chopper and Ginger). Shortly after that we approached O.D. again and told him we were interested in breeding and were looking for a good mama beagle. Thus, we obtained Baby Doll -- already expecting her first litter. In two weeks or so, we first heard that squeeking sound of just whelped beagle puppies. Nothing else like it, folks!! They were like little worms wiggling around and The Doll was a great little mom.

That was in the mid-1990's and now we have a nice kennel and a number of fine sires and dams. While most of the High Pines Beagles puppies find homes with great families, many are sold as hunting and field trial beagles.

During 2012, we acquired an AKC show beagle. And there really is a difference in the looks of a hunting/field trial beagle and a show beagle.

We then began showing beagles. Right now we have seven show beagles. We are SO PROUD of our Encore Out of the Blu Into High Pines (call name "Levi" because he is a blue beagle--no, not blue tick, but blue). He became a champion BEFORE HE WAS A YEAR OLD. And now he is an ICE International Champion!! His sire was the number one 13" beagle at Westminster in 2013 and, as they say, 'like father, like son.' He has Runner's good looks and his daddy's attitude!!!

In our breeding program, we have had Levi sire a couple of litters with our hunting females. So these puppies should not only be 'lookers' but 'hunters', as well! And HERE HE IS!!!!!

HPB Owners are active in Community and Beagle Organizations

J.R. and Faye are very active in kennel clubs and beagle field trial organizations. Here Faye (aka BeagleMama) is shown with a display from a community shelter rabies clinic -- held to give information to pet owners and to provide rabies immunizations at a discount. This display concerned a pet first aid kit and the importance of having a computer chip installed -- many GOOD stories of animals being returned to their owners after going missing -- some after TEN YEARS!!!! We also had a video about pet massage -- my pregnant mama beagles just LOVE to get a massage! This is particularly beneficial during labor and whelping. 

Other Organizations and Membership

J.R. and Faye are active members and officers in the Haralson County Beagle Club and participate in club activities and Field Trials held by Haralson County (ARHA) and other beagle clubs. We are also members of the AKC Anniston Kennel Club. Before we retired and moved, we were active with the Chestnut Log Beagle Club (AKC) and West Georgia Beagle Club.

Some pictures of our Kennel in Ashland, Alabama

The beagles really enjoy the "porches" on the front of the doghouses! Usually in the afternoon, you will hear the blend of snoring and snoozing noises as they get their beauty rest.

Our first set of whelping boxes

We now have eleven whelping boxes. They are also used to house any dog that is ill or needs special attention.

Tortie the Terror with Beagle Tree Tortie went to a great family in Georgia, cut I still laugh when I look at these pictures -- not so funny having to pick up and redecorate, but funny now!!